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The Framework — The 5 Tiers of Leadership — Mastering Influential Leadership.


  • The only tier that requires no ability or effort to achieve. ANYONE can be appointed to a position.
  • People only follow at the entry Tier if they believe that they HAVE to.
  • This Tier is self-awareness and self-knowledge – we provide you the tools to be ready to move to the next Tier.


  • Tier 2 is based on relationships. The Team gives the leader permission to lead them.
  • To grow at this Tier, leaders work on getting to know their people and connecting with them. In order to lead people, you must like people!
  • Trust grows, which leads to respect. And the environment becomes much more positive.
  • Encourage the heart - Recognize the accomplishments of others by showing appreciation and celebrating those accomplishments.
  • We will give you the tools to strengthen your relationships!


  • The best leaders know how to motivate their people to GTD – get things done!
  • Leaders who produce results build their influence and credibility. People still follow because they want to, but they do it because of your track record.
  • This Tier is where leaders can become change agents. Work gets done, morale improves, profits go up, turnover goes down, and goals are achieved.
  • Enable others to act by fostering collaboration, teamwork, and trust. They strengthen people by giving power away. They enable their people to act.
  • E+R=O (Events + Responses = Outcome). Outcome affects you AND everyone around you.
  • Caring behavior and Candor dictates what is permitted in your environment.


  • The more you raise up new leaders, the more you will change the lives of all members of the team. People will follow you because of what you’ve done for them personally.
  • When there are more leaders, more of the organization’s mission can be accomplished, and your job becomes easier.
  • Make an investment in the future of others!


  • They model the way for others by clarifying and communicating their fundamental values and beliefs.
  • They express their image of the future and inspire others to share that common vision. They grow from challenging opportunities and try new things.
  • Compassion – You must truly care for your team.
  • Leadership is about growth – for yourself, your relationships, your productivity, and your people. To lead well, you must embrace your need for continual improvement. We will supply the instruments to help you with your journey. You must know where you are, to know where you’re going.

Personal Finance

Because many employees are not well-versed in personal finance/money matters, and because that pressure and concern often affects their productivity, many clients have asked us to add understandable and actionable personal finance guidance to our Empowerment Series.

We are pleased to announce that Ken Dolan, one of America's most respected personal finance experts has joined us. He is a Wall Street veteran who hosted more than 5000 personal finance shows on national radio and television with his wife, Daria, including their own show on CNN Finance.

Money and Calculator

Some of Ken's Topics

• Investing During the TRUMP Era
• Designing a Plan for a Firm Financial Footing
• The Dolans' Five Principles of Fool-Proof Investing in 2017
• Maximizing the Profits in Your Retirement Plan
• How to Find an Advisor With Whom to Work
• The Questions to Ask Before You Start
• The Answers That You Need to Hear

Level the Investing Field in YOUR Favor

• Forewarned is Forearmed: Telltale Signs of Investor Fraud & THREE Things Never to Say to a Financial Advisor
• FIVE Lies You'd Better Be Ready For
• Checking a Broker's/Financial Advisor's Background Before You Sign Up
• Why It's Getting More Difficult to Sue a Broker


Personal Finance
Our special Question & Answer session, all personal finance/investing/money questions answered with actionable solutions. In addition to answering attendees' personal finance questions, Ken Dolan will briefly present his business and economic overview for this year and next year.

"People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision."
— John Maxwell